Founder and Editor at MotoCarInfo

Launched in 2017, MotoCarInfo is the leading source of cars/bikes news and reviews. Our aim is to provide the latest, updated and factually correct information about automobiles to our readers. The website is updated everyday with the very latest auto news.   Sthitapragyan Mohanty is Founder & Editor of He has been an automobile devotee since childhood. After his post graduation studies, his passion for cars and bikes enticed him into automobile sector.   If you have any suggestions and feedback, please email us at [email protected]  We DO NOT sell cars, bikes and motor parts.

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Assistant Editor at MotoCarInfo

Assistant Editor with MotoCarInfo, Sushil kumar has great technical and practical knowledge on cars. His love for cars and bikes started at age of eight at his father’s car garage. He has been fascinated with his father’s jeeps and pick-up trucks.  It was then he decided that he would mold his life around cars and bikes.

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