Bajaj Auto India has teamed up with Triumph Motorcycles UK in a non-equity partnership. The main motive is to offer a range of mid-size motorcycles and in the meanwhile benefit from each other’ strengths. This partnership helps to start a new chapter in the history of both manufacturers and let’s see how it shapes up. Some details are still unknown, but we’ll deliver you more information soon.

Bajaj Auto India has teamed up with Triumph Motorcycles UK


The main aim of this partnership is to deliver a range of new mid-size motorcycles ranging from 400cc-800cc. These 400cc-800cc motorcycles will be coming from Bajaj and the advantage to Triumph will of-course be the low cost of production. This new partnership will help Triumph to expand its global reach by entering high volume segments, especially in emerging markets. Bajaj, in turn, will gain benefit from  Bajaj is sure to benefit from Triumph’s technical prowess and experience of building world-class premium motorcycle.

Bajaj Auto already owns almost 48% of KTM, and now, with the fresh Bajaj-Triumph alliance, the manufacturer is sure to help the Indian company make an identity for itself even in the international space.


BAJAJ TRIUMPH Partnership : What are the benefits?


Source: (India Today)

All new models of Triumph bikes that will be manufactured in India will be cheaper and they will become more affordable just like the way, KTM has become. This will help Bajaj to add more advance bikes not just for Indian market but even for export. This will benefit not just the Indian economy but even add more value to the Indian economy as exports will go up. At the same instant, Triumph will see an increase in its sales numbers too. This will make the brand more affordable and the company will be able to give a strong competition to Harley Davidson, which already has a manufacturing base in India.