The Nissan IMx zero-emission concept is based on Nissan’s new EV platform which provides maximum efficiency.

Japanese Automaker Nissan on Tuesday showcased the Nissan IMx, an all-electric zero-emission concept vehicle at the 45th Tokyo Motor show. The car comes with a fully autonomous technology and a driving range of more than 600 kilometers, which provides a glimpse of  Nissan’s “future Intelligent Mobility Concept Vehicles,” said Daniele Schillaci. Executive Vice-President of Global Marketing and Sales, zero-emission vehicles and the battery business. The company also says that the Nissan IMx concept has been designed to enhance the link between car and driver as a close,  more reliable for the driver to feel more convenient and more enjoyable driving.

Nissan IMx conceot

Nissan IMx upper view

The new Nissan IMx concept is based on Nissan’s new EV platform which provides maximum efficiency and allows the floor to be completely flat, resulting in a cavernous cabin and enhanced the driving experience. With a low center of gravity, the car provides a better handling. The Nissan IMx is powered by a pair of high-output electric motors at the front and rear, giving all-wheel-drive capability. The combined output is 320 kW of power and an outstanding 7000 NM of torque and the battery provides a range of more than 600 kilometers on a single charge, so occupants can enjoy an extended adventure without worrying about charging.

Nissan IMx steering

The Nissan IMx ‘s technology features a ProPilot fully autonomous operation when ProPilot drive mode is selected, the system stows the steering wheel inside the dashboard and reclines all seats, giving the driver more space and allowing the occupants to relax.

When Manual Drive Mode is selected, the car returns the steering wheel and seats to their original position, seamlessly transferring control back to the driver.

Nissan IMx interior

The Nissan IMx can park itself in a spot where it can connect to the local power grid. It can also act as a “virtual” power plant by returning electricity to the grid as part of its vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-building features. The car can pick people up at the terminal and drive home as well.

Nissan IMx front

Nissan IMx back

In terms of the cabin, the IMx is all about space and offers a sense of openness. The V-panoramic OLED instrument panel displays a view of the external environment in the background, a separate wood grain-patterned display, positioned below the equipment panel and the specially designed doors and side panels give occupants a sense of outside,  the katanagare diagonal-pattern on the seats has been delicately etched with a laser cutter. the headrest – patterned like kumiki, a Japanese interlocking wood puzzle – is made from silicon-material cushioning and a frame produced by a 3D printer. The Nissan IMx gives a glimpse of the upcoming leaf-based all-electric SUV that Nissan plans to reveal in a couple of years.

See the video below: