Mercedes C200 Survives a bus –Saves passengers – reasons why Mercedes Benz cars are so expensive

CCTV footage shows that though the Mercedes C200 was badly hit, the Superior German design and build quality survives a bus and safety features kept passengers safe.

Mercedes C200 collides with bus

A bus from Kerala State Road Transport (KSRTC) crushed a Mercedes Benz C Class at very high speed. The full video was captured on a CCTV camera installed nearby. The incident occurred near Kottayam earlier this week.


The incident took place when a Mercedes C-Class took a turn to enter the fuel station without any indicator. At that time visibility was low due to heavy rain. The Mercedes driver failed to notice the loaded bus coming from the opposite lane at full speed. Before the driver could clear out of the way, the bus hit the Mercedes at full speed on the side.

If a bus collides with a car at such speed and that too from the side, normally one would think that the car will be smashed and the passengers would be killed. But not when it is a Mercedes-Benz car. Mercedes-Benz had shown an elephant standing on the car’s roof when the Mercedes C200  was newly launched.  See video below:

Mercedes C200 test

These days, Mercedes-Benz products are hard to beat.  The attention to safety, build quality, design and technological achievement is altogether proved a new level of excellence. This the reason why Mercedes cars are so expensive (the most important thing is Your Life)

Mercedes C200 left side damaged after collided with bus

 The passengers of the Mercedes were safe and escaped with some minor injuries, only because they were in a Mercedes car. This kind of impact on other weaker car would have resulted in severe injuries to occupants or even death.

The video shows smoke emerging from the car due to airbags deploying. In addition to a solid build quality, technology and design, Mercedes-Benz cars are fitted with all the latest safety features which can save your life.
After kicking the Mercedes out of the way, the bus rammed on the cars which were parked on the side of the road. The first car it hit was a Tata Nano and damaged the car in front, a Maruti Swift, which damaged the car same in front, a Toyota Etios. Total of 4 cars were damaged to bring the monster bus to a halt. (Also see: Top 5 best safest cars in India) 

after smashing Mercedes C200, the bus also rammed on swift and other cars

After collides with mercedes c200. it rammed on a Tata Nano car and damaged badly