British automaker Land Rover has some serious issues with Chinese carmaker for their copy-paste formula. For example,  take a look at the LandWind X7, a made in China SUV which copies the design of global brand Range Rover Evoque. Speaking to Auto Express, Land Rover’s chief designer Gerry McGovern says that we are “wary of showing new concepts”  over fears of another copycat issue.

land rover evoque


land rover copied version

Gerry McGovern thinks that Chinese automaker like LandWind could rush a car into production after a concept is shown. The LandWind X7 is available in the market for around a third of the price of the RangeRover Evoque in China, which affects Land Rover as most of the buyers will prefer the copycat model rather than the original one. Land Rover sued  Chinese automaker Jiangling Motor, last year for allegedly copying of the Range Rover Evoque.

land rover and land wind

land rover copy cat

Some Chinese automakers are famous for allegedly copying designs of top global car brands like Range Rover,  Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep Cherokee,  Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Mini Copper, BMW,  Volkswagen and even Exotic cars like Porsche  Cayman &  Lamborghini. What makes it even worse is that these copy-paste designs are proudly showcased at China’s international automobile show, the Shanghai Motor Show. We have a list of some of the victims of Chinese Copycats:

  • LandWind X7 is a Range Rover Evoque copy from China.
  • After the Evoque copy next is a Chinese Freelander.
  • The Zotye Z700 is a clone of the premium Audi A6 & previous generation Volkswagen Passat.
  • Another Zotye Concept – S is a Lamborghini copy from China.
  • The Honda Goldwing is a latest sufferer by Chinese copycat Syndrome.
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen is a victim from Chinese copy-paste BJ80 PHEV.

land rover copy

audi copied like land rover

The carmaker invests a high amount of funds to design and develop new products which are later unashamedly copied by the Chinese automakers and the global automakers are helpless in this matter because of lenient trademark, copyright and patent laws of China. That’s why Gerry McGovern, Design Director of Land Rover stated that we are “nervous” about creating concept cars as Chinese automakers can easily copy them. The investment to design and develop a new product ranges between £500 million to £1 billion.

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